Wrinkle Remover & Spot Remover Professional Series

Wrinkle Remover & Spot Remover Professional Series

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working theory

Ultrasonic wave whose frequency is more than 20,000Hz,is a variety of sound vibration without being able to

be perceived by common sense of hearing.Its functions are as follows:

1.Mechanical function

2.warming and heating function

3.Chemical function


1.soften thrombus,remove erythema

2.remove the scars after the acne is treated

3.remove the avnormal skin colour

4.decompose abnormal pigment and remove flecks under skin

5.prevent,remove facial wrinkles and extravasated blood

6.remove "eye-sack" and "black  eye-rim"

7.soften nodule and cure acne

8.cure the sclerosis and the parchment

9.regularly massage the facial skin ans improve ist quality